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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 82- How Fresh Can You Get

I absolutely LOVE Farmer's Markets-
I love the busy-ness,
the interaction with the vendors
and the samples of fresh fruits & veggies-

I fell in Love with Farmer's Markets in CA-
I found many an excuse to go as often as I could.
My favorite was held on Wednesday Mornings
in Santa Monica along 3rd Street Promenade!
With the beach just down the road, it made for a
picture perfect day for me!

When we moved to TX, I was less than
confident that I would find one I loved as much.

In an effort to Make our Way in TX, we decided
to get out and LIVE a little-
and one of our first items of business- find me
a Farmers Market-
and Farmers Market we Found!!
The Dallas Farmers Market was by leaps and
bounds the best I have seen.

The produce was splendid,
Peppers are so full of nutrients and a staple at our house for quick and easy
the displays were perfect,
So many varieties and options to chose from
the vendors were just the right amount of helpful
... even if a little shy
and the other patrons were beyond friendly!!

In my previous life I do believe I was a farmer-
at least I would believe that if I
believed I'd lived a previous life.

It is difficult in these busy days to make time
to eat healthy, let alone to eat
Healthy AND Fresh!!
But I am going to say
Do IT! Make whatever sacrifice you can
to eat your food as close to the source as you can.

If there is one single change I have made that I
KNOW has made a difference in my health,
it is eliminating as much processed food as
absolutely possible from my diet.

If you have any questions-
this is close to the source

and this is NOT!

Here are some of my favorite recipes for
eating fresh-
Favorite Veggie Salad- just use a different
dressing if you are trying to lose weight or
Spinach Salad with Carrots & Israeli Couscous
or simply these Roasted Veggies

Day 82 Low Down
B: Greek Yogurt w/ granola and berries
I used a Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar for flavor- yum!

S: Celery w/ 2 TBSP peanut butter
L: Cobb Salad w/ Balsamic Vinegar
multi grain crackers & red pepper hummus
S: Fruit Salad
D: Boars Head Sandwich wraps on Butterleaf Lettuce

Total Calories: 1327
Exercise: Treadmill Intervals at 5 mph 12 incline
on 3 minutes, off 2

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