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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 64- Protein Pumpkin Smoothie

Tis the Season for all things


I mean, seriously, what doesn't get
touched by pumpkins this time of year :)

But so many of the yummy 
Pumpkin recipes are for 
things that are off my radar for 
right now!!
I do have a yummy Pumpkin Muffin Recipe
that I can make with my
freshly ground Whole Wheat,
but I do have to keep them to a limit.

My kiddos love a good 
Pumpkin Shake, 
 Pumpkin shake recipe
so I decided to try a 
healthy Protein Pumpkin Smoothie-
it was an epic fail when we used
Greek Yogurt-
but with regular Yogurt it was 
a crowned victory-

With 30 grams of protein 
and 225 calories per serving-
this is a perfect post workout treat!

Pumpkin Protein Smoothie
1 Scoop Vanilla Whey
1/2 Cup Low Fat Milk
2 Tablespoons Canned Pumpkin
1/2 Cup Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt
Dash or two of Pumpkin Pie Spice
1/2 Cup Crushed ice

Blend in blender and enjoy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 65- Mixed Grains Hot Cereal

I bought this amazing package of
mixed grains at a specialty grocer
here in town.

I absolutely LOVED the nuttiness,
the variety and the taste of this
hot breakfast!

But I absolutely HATED that
this one store is the ONLY store
I can find this little package of goodness-
and this ONE store happens to be completely
out of my way and at least 25 minutes from
my home- not somewhere I just "stop by".

I went to five other grocery stores,
Trader Joe's,
Whole Foods Market,
Kroger and
Market Street...
in hopes of finding it-
but NO LUCK!!!

BUT, this story has a Happy Ending-
though I wasn't able to find the
packaged blend,
I was able to find all the grains.
So I went home and made my own mix!!

Yup, I did it and it was DELICIOUS!

I mixed four grains,
1/2 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup farro
1/4 cup millet
1/4 cup pearled barley

I boiled it with 3 cups of water
until all the water had been absorbed.
I added a little bit of light agave
and some pecan pieces for a
perfectly healthy grain breakfast for me!

Day 66 Do Something You Love

Trying to start new habits and
make lifestyle changes can sometimes
be really overwhelming.
When it comes to some of my really
bad eating habits, they aren't all based
on my lack of will power and self control-

a lot of my talent and joy comes from
the food I make and sharing that food with
those I love-
read all about it here

While I am trying to make some
basic changes to my habits,
I am trying really hard to concentrate
on OTHER talents I might have
and ways that I can share those talents.

I can't sacrifice my joy and content
just because I am DETERMINED
to fit in the clothes I wore when we moved
to Texas one year ago last week!

So I have been really focusing on doing
the OTHER things that I love...

I have sent some really fun Thank You cards
to people letting them know how much
they touch my life,

I have weeded and worked in the flower

I have taken discovery walks with my 8 year old,

I decorated my front porch and the inside
of my house for fall
My dining room Centerpiece vignette
and I have been studying a book that I love,
leaving each study session grateful for the time
I took to read, study and ponder.

Life is short,
live it and
fill it with things you LOVE!

Day 67- The Calories Do Count

I just got home from the gym,
I am sweaty, hot and sore-
and I love it!
I just started a new session of
semi-private personal training,
which I love so much!!

I love this group for two reasons,
1) Because as sad, corny or pathetic
as it sounds- my social interaction
consists of gym rats right now and I
get my social out at the gym.
2) Because as much as I love to lift
weights and use the gym equipment,
for some reason I just don't push myself
as hard as a coach pushes me.

As I was leaving the gym, I saw a gal
that has done this little Team In Training
group before, but wasn't there today.
She said she was so frustrated- during the last
session she had spent 6 hours a week,
burning 600 calories per workout
yet she GAINED 6 pounds! She did lose
inches off both her waist and her hips-
but that bigger number on the scale was
more than discouraging.

I know how she feels-
I've been there- and the most probable
solution just doesn't make any sense!

We women have a mentality that less is MORE
in the world of diet and more is MORE in
the world of fitness.
We think to lose weight, we need to eat less,
but to lose weight we need to exercise more
and more and more and more!!
So sometimes we get discouraged,
sometimes we get extreme
and sometimes we give up!

In all honesty, I have to fight this thinking
every single day of my life.
I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that
if I am working out and trying to lose weight
or gain muscle, I might have to eat more!

But it is true. Our bodies are naturally prepared
to protect us from starvation. Unless we train
them to burn what we eat, our bodies will
naturally hang on to the food we eat for
basic survival. Add in exercise, when we are
burning more calories than usual- our bodies
going into hyper protection mode of the
calories we consume. This becomes a bitter
cycle- exercise more but burn few calories!

The ONLY way to avoid this trap is to eat enough-
and enough of the right types of food-
that our bodies don't panic and start hanging
on to everything we eat.

Eat Often- Try to eat something about every
three to five hours- trying for about 300-400 calories
 per meal/snack

Eat Enough- Eat at least 1200 calories,
if you are working out & lifting weights, you may
even need to try 1400-1500 calories

Eat Protein- I can't believe how often this comes up
in every thing I hear, read or study- especially if you
are lifting weights, you need protein

Track Your Eating- I cannot believe how often I get to
the end of the day and realize I didn't get enough calories.
I end up eating a handful of almonds before bed very
frequently because I look at my log and realize I have barely
gotten 1000 calories. Do NOT enter starvation mode!

& finally, Track Your Eating- on the converse of the
above, I can't believe how many times I get lazy about
tracking and go back to enter several days. It never fails,
these are the days that I end up getting candy bars,
bites of brownies which turn into pans of brownies and
frozen yogurt a few times in a week.
NOT joking, track your eating!

Day 68- Keep Your Buddy Motivated

Day 68- Keep Your Buddy Motivated

I think the time between School Starting

and Christmas

is a tough time to try to eliminate BAD
eating habits!!

Not only are there the Holidays,
All of our favorite Fall Cupcakes

 & Christmas!
Our Annual Gingerbread Decorating Party

But, in our case,
we have four of our eight birthdays
Happy 8th Buddy!
between September 15th & November 6th
That's a lot of Birthday Cake & Ice Cream!

My hubby and I are in this 84 day journey
together. He does better if I am on board with
changes to his eating habits and I do better
if he isn't eating the foods that are NO NO's to me!

We were doing great...
and than,
he had a crisis at work!
 Stressed : An image of a man overwhelmed by his life. Stock Photo
And he is a stress eater-

So he got off track for a few days,
which led to a snowball and turned into
more like a week of trying to get back on
Why is it so hard to recover from a derailment?

Well, when he got off track,
I got off track!
How weird is that?
I wasn't stressed!
I wasn't working late hours!
But for some reason,
when my buddy struggled,
I struggled!

I realized this a few days ago,
as I was preparing to get us back
on track, how important it is to support
the people closest to you.
Your support of them,
ricochet's right back at you and becomes
their support of you!

I hadn't really thought of this before,
but it sure transformed the morning
ritual of preparing 5 sack lunches
from a chore to a privilege!

Make sure and keep your buddy motivated-
in the end they may be the motivation you need
one day-
like the day your piano teacher sends you home
with 6 delicious and beautiful Caramel Apples!

Day 69- This is Why I Care About the Last 10 Pounds

They say the weather in Dallas is fickle-
I say whoever "THEY" is, THEY are right!

Yesterday morning was muggy and uncomfortable.
I turned the Air Conditioner back on
because it was sticky and miserable.

But at 4 o'clock,
something happened and all of a sudden...
BRRRRRRRRRRR! It was cold!

As the night progressed, it just got colder
leaving today a definite jeans and sweater day!
I am NOT complaining. I could live in jeans-
the more worn, tattered and torn they are,
the more I like 'em- and a nice cozy sweatshirt.
Ahhhh, I get comfy and happy just thinking of it.

So I was kind of worried about putting on jeans today,
last time I tried to wear jeans they were a bit,
I don't have it in me today to feel TIGHT-

I picked my favs and took a deep breath-
And they fit. Not just fit,
but fit good!

This is why I care about those last few pounds:
* I like feeling like I can get down on the floor and
play a game with my kiddos.
This isn't me, but it's what is important to me in fitness & health
* I like having the energy to accomplish all that I need
to in a day & have energy to spare for my kids when
they get home from school.
* I like that I can chase in a good game of tag and feel
like I can keep up with the fun & the kids.

* I like that my emotional health seems more stable
when my physical health is up to par.

Maybe it is vanity, but I don't think so.
Honestly, the last thing I think about is
what someone else thinks of how I look-
I really think I feel better, stronger,
more capable of doing what needs to be done
and I think I am more willing to try new things
when my weight is closer to my goal weight.

I think it's important to be honest about what
a "goal" weight is. There is no question that
as we age, weight & size take on new meaning
and new challenges. But there is a point where
I know I just plain FEEL good and a point
where I know i just plain DON'T FEEL good.

This life is about joy and gratitude.
If you're not there, what do you need to do
to get there.

It sounds silly, but if I can cuddle up in
my ratty ole' jeans, a hoodie, a cup of cocoa
and the people I love-

there ain't much more joy & gratitude I can find!!

Today's Down Low
B: scrambled egg & ezekail toast
S: Luna Protein Bar
L: Chicken & Cheese on Crunchmaster Crackers
 & roasted butternut squash
S: Banana with peanut butter
D: Honey Lime Chicken Breast, green beans
S: Almonds ** if I don't get enough calories, I grab almonds before bed