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Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 71- Turn Your Music Back On

I usually go to the same classes at the gym
each week. I like the teacher, I know her
cues and I recognize the people in each class.

The instructor is awesome at getting the
class motivated and her music is always
full of energy- with all of that working
together, she can really get our heart rates up
for some high intensity intervals.

Today's class is a really fast paced class,
its not common to leave having burned over
600 calories! But the weirdest thing
happened today. We were in the middle
of our last interval and her music JUST
stopped- dead silence!!

As the teacher tried to fiddle with the
system and get the music going, she kept
prompting us just as she would with music
blaring. But as I looked around, NOT ONE
person was working at nearly the
intensity they had been just a minute before.

Isn't that strange??
Seriously, I couldn't stop thinking about it
all day long. How weird that something that
plays in the background makes such a huge
difference, that without it, we just couldn't
keep up a strong pace.

With only one factor gone, the pace
and intensity of the class was completely

I thought about if that same thing happens
in life. If one simple thing is taken away,
how does that effect the intensity of life?
Does the absence of one thing, even
something that plays in the background,
make THAT big of a difference to the flow
of life?
Lately, I have definitely noticed something
is just a little off. I haven't been able to put
my fingers on it,
but this little occurrence at the gym is
making me sit down and look around.

I'm looking for what might be missing.
What may have been keeping me going
even though I barely gave it a second thought.
I am looking for what I need to do,
to turn the music back on.

I can't wait to see what I come up with.
Stay Tuned!!

Today in a Nutshell
B: Cottage Cheese, grapes & mango
S: Pear, Almonds
L: Chicken breast, steamed broccoli & peppers
S: Luna Protein Bar
D: Thai Lettuce Wraps, brown rice, one beet

Total Calories: 1232
Exercise: 60 minutes strength mixed
with High Intensity Interval Training

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