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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 77- Take off the Rose Colored Glasses

First things First,
I don't have a problem with
Rose Colored Glasses,
I do have a problem with
Rose Colored Glasses that only
seem to see the best in everyone else
AND the worst in ourselves.

It is so easy to look around and see
the GOOD in everyone else's lives and
compare that to the BAD in our own!

I think when trying to get in shape,
lose weight or find health, it is all the more
easy to compare our bad with our
neighbors good! So stop that now-
like RIGHT NOW!!

I think the biggest false rumor in the diet and
fitness world is that the gym is full of
beautiful, fit women who have not a care in the
world except feeding their insane vanity!

I have been a member of gyms for over 20 years,
in five states and I have never found this to be true.

What I love about going to classes,
besides the motivation of the instructor,
is the unity and comraderie in the class.

I love that when you see this,

what you really have is a room full of women & men,
each with a different obstacle,
but all working towards a common goal-
Health & Wellness!

I love that when you see this,

What you really should see is a room full
of people all working at different levels,
different strengths and weaknesses!

Within the classes that I regularly attend there is...
* a diabetic who avoids intense treatment by regular exercise
* a woman with fibromyalgia whose pain is
managed by strength training
* a young woman who went to the doctor for a cold,
but instead found that her heart was near failure
and is hoping she can avoid major surgery with
increased fitness
* a long distance runner, who has been fit her
entire life
* a recovering anorexic who desperately is trying to
overcome the abuse her body has suffered by giving
it strength and wellness
* woman who has finally lost the excess weight simply
with proper diet and nutrition and the support of the
friends she has met at the gym
* and many more whose stories I don't know, but I
feel confident enough to know that it is not vanity that
gets them to they gym each day- it is outright determination
to overcome something!

I hope you pause to do a reality check the next
time you put the rose colored glasses on-
things are not always what they seem.
There are stories, fears and challenges
behind every smiling face. Rather than compare,
I dare you to share-
share your story, your successes and your fears-
chances are you'll make gain more than muscle
in your next gym class!

Stats & Facts:
B: Mango Berry Protein Shake, cantalope
S: Celery with Peanut Butter
L:  Tuna on a rice cake with salsa
S: grapes, frozen yogurt
D: Veggie Stir Fry
 Total Calories 1212
Gym Class 60 minutes

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