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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 79- Maybe You Need a New Playlist

I have an awesome workout instructor
who can motivate the sweat out of my
body in a rapid High Interval Heart Beat!

I do whatever I can to make it to her classes
and have signed up for her semi private fitness
teams as well. She is well known for saying,
"Oh, I love this song, lets do one more push to
get our heart rate up". Regardless of how hard
we have already pushed and despite moanings from
the room, she leads us through a High Intensity Drill
that sends us to our maximum heart rate!

On my own, I can't get nearly as good as a workout
as I get with her at the lead.

Today, my husband and I both wanted to get
a workout in before we started a hectic day with
the kids. We went to the gym, and I brought along
a book my son has been begging me to read. I am
not a good runner, inside or out, so if I am going
to be stuck with the treadmill, I will crank up the
incline and walk as fast as I can, this allows me
to pass the time reading. I usually can get a
pretty good workout it and I figure it's better than
sitting on my hiney reading a book!!

Well today, I decided to do a few High Intensity Intervals
to get my heart rate up a bit before I settled into my
normal pace. I had just updated my workout playlist,
so I knew I had some good songs to keep me focused.
As I approached the final few minutes of my
pre-determined time before I settled in, one of my
favorite songs came on the i-pod. In my head, I heard
Juliett's voice "Oh, I looooove this song, let's push 3 more
minutes- you can do anything for 3 minutes"

So push I did, and got my heart rate up to where
Juliett would be proud. Just as I had recovered,
another great song came on and I hear that same
voice again! Sure I can push another 3 minutes!!
Well that pattern kept repeating and I kept pushing.

By the time my husband was ready to call it quits,
I was finishing up with a great workout where I had
maintained the highest incline, the fastest speed and
the longest duration I have EVER done on the treadmill
AND I had burned an impressive 700 calories!!

HOLY COW!! Are you serious?? I cannot even begin
to say how proud I was of my workout. This is more
impressive because I DON'T do running! I do NOT do
it Sam I Am. Not on a road, not at the gym,
Not with a friend, Not on a Whim! 

I just kept thinking the entire rest of the day,
 "What else in my life do I have a lack luster
interest in? What else is there that could turn
from a 'can't do' to a 'let's see how far I can push'?"

Is the difference really just the playlist. Updating
the motivation, is that all I need in more than just
exercise? I came up with a list of things
that I think could be improved with
a change to my playlist-

What could you change? What could be your
motivation to get over the hump of what you feel
stuck in? I was surprised at my list, and a little
grateful for the perspective that I received while
pushing myself to my ultimate limits.
I was more surprised by how I felt after.
I felt stronger, more able and more confident
than I have in a long time.

Get out and Change Your Playlist!

Today's Low Down:
B: Fage Greek Yogurt w/ berries & granola
S: Celery with peanut butter
L: Cobb Salad & Multi grain crackers
S: Fruit Salad & Special K granola bar
D: Chicken Lettuce Wrap sandwich,
roasted butter nut squash & corn on the cob

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