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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 80- Snack Attack

I have two main concerns to my healthy diet-
First, I often don't eat enough in a Day!
Surprisingly, a lot of women,
especially mom's do not!
When we don't eat enough, or don't
eat a consistent diet on a daily basis,
our bodies get confused and go into
a starvation mode. When this happens
our bodies hold on to every bit of food
we give them and store them as fat, to
be used at a later date.

If exercise is part of your routine,
the importance of making sure you are
getting enough calories is that much
more important.

This has been one of my biggest enemies
over the past several years. I have to be
vigilant at ensuring I get the right number of
calories with the proper allocation of
protein, carbs and fats.

The second challenge I face, is I am
a sugar addict. This is no surprise and can
be easily proven by the number of desserts in
my personal recipe collection. I need to be
extra cautious that I keep my sugar cravings
at bay. The biggest trick for me is to keep myself
out of the kitchen during the day. If I can
have snacks pre-made and pre-portioned,
I am more likely to stand around the kitchen
trying to decide what to eat.

I have noticed that when I follow the nutrition
advice of eating five small meals a day at intervals
of between three and five hours, I can get a pretty good
grasp of both of these issues.

Because exercise is a big part of my daily routine,
I pay special attention to the amount of protein
I get each day. The general consensus is that
your diet consist of about 1/2 of your body weight
in protein. Make sure you get about 20-30 grams of protein
within one hour of a weight lifting workout.

This list of easy and simple snacks keeps me
craving free, satisfied throughout the day
and ensures my protein needs are met.

Simple & On The Go Snacks

Banana with 1-2 TBSP. peanut butter & a dallop of Vanilla Paste
Celery sticks and pisatchios
Almonds and Apple
Greek Yogurt and Berries
Tuna on a rice cake with Salsa
Jicama, sliced peppers & Guacamole
Turkey Slice & cheese stick
Hummus & Persian cucumbers
Gluten Free crackers & 1 oz. cheese
Rice chex, dried cranberries & almonds
Cottage cheese & tomato slices

I love that with these easy snack combination
I can ward off cravings for sugary foods,
keep satisfied and because I am eating the
right combinations of food, I am less likely
to over eat on dinner or the occassional
dessert night.

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