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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 84- Define Your Dreams

I love this quote from a popular
motivational book and movie-
"Decide what you want. Believe
you can have it. Believe you deserve it
and believe it's possible for you."

Health & Wellness is a GOOD goal-
it is a gift you give yourself first-
and in return you give it to
EVERYONE you interact with each
and every day!!! 

I am here to shatter, or at least
try to convince you to shatter ANYTHING
that is standing in your way of success!
Whatever your obstacles, find a way to
either move them or work with them,

Do it today, do it RIGHT NOW-
get out of your own way,
and get on with the rest of your life-
the life of your dreams,
a life of joy, happiness, service & love!!

Daily Quotes: Don't be afraid to change

This is my 84 day journey, not to an end point,
a place where I will get to and go back to my
old patterns of thought and behavior,
but a journey to my NEW destination.
That is why I am counting down from 84 to 1-
Like any TOP 40 hits list-
Day 84 is my Starting Point,
but we are aiming for the BEST, the #1 spot!

My Goals are:
* Lose 8 pounds- this one may be hard to
measure in the end, because I am lifting
weights and gaining muscle, so ultimately
I want back in the clothes I was wearing
before our move to TX!
* Get rid of 4 total inches
* Be prepared for taper from Meds by year end
* Control Sugar rather than Sugar control Me
* Support Hubby in his goals
* Hit BMI of 18

Day 84 Wrap up Stats
Breakfast: mango & strawberry smoothie
Snack: yogurt with raspberries & pecans
Lunch: 3 oz. chicken, broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 c. brown rice
Snack: Banana w/ 1 TBSP peanut butter,
Dinner: Orange Thai Beef, very berry salad, orange snap peas

Total Calories: 1205
Exercise: 1 Hour fitness class, weights & cardio,
20 minutes treadmill intervals, 30 minutes yoga

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