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Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 75: Family Dinner Time

As I was reading the myriad of
books, information and advice
on how best to change your eating
habits and developing a great
exercise routine,
I came across one general consensus.

If you can eat at home, at least 1/3 of the
time, or 10 meals a week,
you will have a better chance at
health, wellness and fitness!!!

I kind of laughed at that one a bit,
it seems a little....
Hmmmmmm, what's the word I'm looking for??

How often do I successfully go to a
restaurant, no matter what kind of
restaurant it is, and eat the same way
I would at home?

UM, like NEVER!!
So you might be thinking,
Well, I can do it! And to that I will
either say "You're a Liar" or
"You're a SAINT!"

With portion sizes HUGE,
a great array of options,
all kinds of drinks, appetizers and
desserts on the menu,
I think it is HARD to go out to eat
and eat a NORMAL portion size
of anything!!

I have been a huge advocate of
Family Dinner Time since before
Baby #1 was even a twinkle in my eye!

My grandma made a big deal about dinner time,
actually any meal for that matter!
She set out placemats, and the proper
table setting for even simple snacks of
Graham Crackers & Milk.

Fancy dishes, at Grandma's house,
were NOT just for special occasions or
special guests. They were used for
EVERY person who ate ANYTHING
at her kitchen table!
I loved it and if nothing else,
I intended to keep this up when I got married.

And that I have done!
I love that almost ALL of our meals
are eaten at home.
I love that almost ALL of our meals
are made by my hands, in my kitchen
for MY family- my special guests-
because that's how I see them!
These beautiful six kids of mine

and this wonderful, beautiful family

are a special and wonderful part of my life.
They add charm, wit, experience, laughter
and a house full of joy

to my life.

It is very likely, if you stop by my house
between 5:30 and 6:30,
you will find us around the kitchen table.
A really old, pretty bad picture- but a good look at Sunday dinner at our house!
Eating, laughing, talking about our day.
And it is very likely,
that you will see more than Peterson's at
that table.
My kitchen and my dining table know no
limits and all are welcome...
to sup,
to share
and most of all
to love!!!

When I ask our children to pick one thing
that they love and appreciate about our family,
9 times out of 10,
their answer is "that we eat our meals around
the table, together!"
that does a mommies heart good to hear such
a sentiment!

It's a lost treasure in today's fast paced,
tightly scheduled, hectic, gotta hurry
if you've lost this treasure,
find a way to get it back.

You have my word for it!

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