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Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 76; Does Everyone Fall Off the Wagon?

Well, this is a subject I know all too well-
Okay!! All too really well!!!
I am Queen of fighting with my food intake
and I fight and lose this battle often!
If you doubt, take a look at this past entry!

One Busy Day leads to another,
which leads to another,
and finally I find myself wondering-
"HEY, Why are my pants so tight?"

And after I've blamed swelling,
water retention and a broken
dryer that MUST be over drying
my clothes (but for some reason
only mine!)-
I realize, I haven't entered my food
in my Food Diary,
I haven't entered my exercise,
and than the big realization-
"Did I really eat this,

Personal Puff Pockets

and this,
Salted Caramel Cupcakes
and this,
Baked French Toast Recipe Here
...over the course of the past three days?"
 (In case your wondering,
there was a lot more, I am just
a little to proud to admit to it all!!)

Oh Yes Treisha,
Yes, yes you did!!

I really hadn't intended to fall
off the "good eating" wagon,
I just got really busy and
I didn't prepare well for all
the schedule juggling I had to do.

Usually when I get here,
I get frustrated, disappointed and
beat myself up for a few weeks and
I usually give up on myself a bit...
Than I go for frozen yogurt :)

Well not this time baby!!
I wracked my brain,
tracked all that food
and wrote it down.

It was a reality check for me.
Not only did I account for what I had
I felt a a significant amount
of gratitude that my pants
were only a little tight.

Lesson learned-
no matter what it is-
if you fall off the wagon,
Just Get Back On!!!

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