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Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 70- Keep Calm & Plan a Snack Attack

I have read many books by many authors
on diet, fitness and wellness.
I really like the a lot of what Jillian Michaels
has to say about all of the above!

One of the concepts that she teaches is
that you can eat through any amount of
exercise if you aren't watching your
caloric intake.

In an effort to eat enough calories for
healthy living AND muscle development-
it can be easy to eat TOO MANY calories.

But in an effort to lose weight and develop
a fit and tone looking body, it is easy to
eat TOO FEW calories!

Oh my, oh my-
it is really enough to drive a person mad!!

Well, I recently read an article that I am
almost sure was written after watching
the people in my house.

It was written as a warning that when a person
is getting a good workout and feeling good about
their attempts at fitness, there is a danger that
in the kitchen they will let down their guard
and feel safe to eat what they want.

After two weeks of being really good and going
to the gym 5 days a week, I have to confess I got
a little lazy, munchy and naughty today :(

I don't know what caused me the trouble,
could be my three day headache that isn't
lightening up at all.
Could be this strange anxiety that just
developed a few days a go?
It might be that for the past three days
I have been surrounded by candies,

cookies, doughnuts and goodies that I have

NOT eaten- and my will power was pushed
to the limit?

Or it could be that I didn't realize that
ONE peanut M&M has 10 calories
and I simply got carried away!!!

So my advice to you & me is to
make sure calories are being tracked
in some sort of a food program.
Also,CHECK the calorie content BEFORE you
partake if you are at all unsure- avoid the SHOCK
when it is too late to do anything about it.
AND have a plan for what you can help curb
your cravings if/WHEN they come around-
usually almonds are a good choice for me!!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from Today
B: Baked Oatmeal, Mango slices
S: Greek Yogurt with frozen berries & granola
L: Tortilla Crusted Tilapia & Sauteed Peppers
S:  Apple, 3 bites of Ice Cream & a mini Reese's cup
D: Roasted Veggie & Chicken Soup, Roll
Total Calories: 1245
Exercise: 4 miles treadmill intervals
45 minutes Yoga

Day 71- Turn Your Music Back On

I usually go to the same classes at the gym
each week. I like the teacher, I know her
cues and I recognize the people in each class.

The instructor is awesome at getting the
class motivated and her music is always
full of energy- with all of that working
together, she can really get our heart rates up
for some high intensity intervals.

Today's class is a really fast paced class,
its not common to leave having burned over
600 calories! But the weirdest thing
happened today. We were in the middle
of our last interval and her music JUST
stopped- dead silence!!

As the teacher tried to fiddle with the
system and get the music going, she kept
prompting us just as she would with music
blaring. But as I looked around, NOT ONE
person was working at nearly the
intensity they had been just a minute before.

Isn't that strange??
Seriously, I couldn't stop thinking about it
all day long. How weird that something that
plays in the background makes such a huge
difference, that without it, we just couldn't
keep up a strong pace.

With only one factor gone, the pace
and intensity of the class was completely

I thought about if that same thing happens
in life. If one simple thing is taken away,
how does that effect the intensity of life?
Does the absence of one thing, even
something that plays in the background,
make THAT big of a difference to the flow
of life?
Lately, I have definitely noticed something
is just a little off. I haven't been able to put
my fingers on it,
but this little occurrence at the gym is
making me sit down and look around.

I'm looking for what might be missing.
What may have been keeping me going
even though I barely gave it a second thought.
I am looking for what I need to do,
to turn the music back on.

I can't wait to see what I come up with.
Stay Tuned!!

Today in a Nutshell
B: Cottage Cheese, grapes & mango
S: Pear, Almonds
L: Chicken breast, steamed broccoli & peppers
S: Luna Protein Bar
D: Thai Lettuce Wraps, brown rice, one beet

Total Calories: 1232
Exercise: 60 minutes strength mixed
with High Intensity Interval Training

Day 72- Another Orange Recipe- Orange Skewered Steak

This is such a simple and light
option for a red meat.

I absolutely love how easy this recipe is
and how flavorful it is.
Plan on devouring this up,
I usually serve this with a light salad
Little Miss Sunshine Salad
and a fresh veggie- like these Orange Zested Sugar Snap Peas

Complete and beautiful Dinner in less than 30 minutes

That's the way I like it

Orange Scented Beef Skewers

1 orange (both zest and juice)
1/4 cup liquid aminos
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 TBSP. agave or honey
1 TBSP. sesame oil
1 tsp. fresh ground ginger
4 cloves garlic, minced
4 tsp. Sambal chile paste
1 1/2 pounds flank steak

Zest the orange into a bowl. Cut the orange
in 1/2 and juice into the bowl. Add the remaining
ingredients except the steak.
Cut the steak into strips. Let the steak
strips marinate for several hours.
Place the steak strips onto skewers
(I used metal ones, soak bamboo ones in
water first so they don't flame)
twisting while you skewer.
Preheat your grill to a medium-high
and grill the skewers about 4-6 minutes.
These cook fast, so watch them carefully,
and eat immediately.

B: Fage Greek Yogurt w/ raspberries
S: Cottage Cheese
L: Lettuce leaf wrap sandwich, apple
S: Multi-grain crackers, 1 oz. cheese
D: Fajita veggies, grilled chicken
Total Calories: 1202
No Exercise Today

Day 73- Orange Zested Sugar Snap Peas

Oh sweet wonderful oranges,
and limes & lemons-
Yes ma'am, I do,
I love Citrus,

the colors, the smells,
the juices, the flavor,
I even love the smell
of the citrus trees in bloom!
Yes, yes it's true,
I love Citrus.

I love to add citrus zests when
I cook and prepare food.
We use it in our salad dressings,
we use it in our sweet treats,
and we almost always add
a zip of citrus to our fresh juices

Behold the ingredients to my favorite Juice; beets, apples, lemon & ginger
and smoothies!
Strawberries, Lemon & Banana!
I haven't done a recipe for several days,
and decided that I couldn't hold out one
of my favorite, quick, easy and
wonderful veggie dishes.
See 'em up there at the top! Oh, mummy, they're yummy!
It's another one of those recipes that
I feel almost silly sharing because it
is soooo easy-
but oh soooo yummy!

This recipe makes a wonderful companion
to a simple family dinner as well
as a delightful side for any special occasion-

I have served it at home, at church functions,
and for big groups-

it's a winner that's for sure!

Orange Zested Sugar Snap Peas

2 pounds Sugar Snap Peas
2 TBSP. butter
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt
1 orange

I use a saute pan;
Add sugar snap peas with 
a very small amount of water,
just enough to allow steaming,
add the juice of 1/2 the orange 
and the sea salt (I use Maldon sea salt flakes)
and cook for maybe 2 or 3 minutes.
I like my veggies al dente,
cook longer if you want them a little
more cooked.
When cooked to your liking,
zest the orange onto the beans
and top with butter.
Stir and serve!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 74- Not Gonna Take that Opinion

I went to the doctor the other day.
My arthritis has really been raging
and my allergies are LIKE
way out of control- which is causing
a whole myriad of issues that I
would like to get under control!
So I took this opportunity to try
out a new doctor...

I am desperately searching for a
local doctor that can handle my
health & my wellness!!

I take my health care a little like the good ole'
Donny & Marie song,
"I'm a little bit country,
and a little bit Rock n' Roll"
but more like,
"I want a little bit Western medicine
 Doctor_office : Smiling Confident Doctor and Nurse on doctor s office background Stock Photo
and a little bit Eastern thought"

Stack of stones,tissue salt and flower photo

I have a health issue-
but I don't want it to define
me in any way-
but it's there, and it has
to be considered when thinking
about the whole me-
but let me say again-

There is a very fine line,
and a very special balance
between the two...

So I am looking for a doctor who
can manage my lupus,
but more importantly can support my
personal health & wellness goals.

I had just such a doctor in CA,
and she was a gem,
but I just can't seem to find one here
YET! It'll come, I know!

But in the search,
I have found some real doozies!!
(is that a real word?)

The guy I saw a few days ago,
was one such doozie!
After making me wait over an hour
(that don't impressa me much)
and proceeding to talk about
everything that didn't matter to me,
he explained that the reason I don't feel
quite as well here in TX as I did in CA
is because of the constantly changing
barometric pressure,
especially here in North Texas!

Okay, okay, I can believe that weather
plays a PART to how I feel!
He should have stopped there,
I MAY have gone back for a follow up!

But poor guy,
opened his mouth again
(oh such a mistake)
and said the absolutely
to me-
"I'm afraid that here in North Texas,
this is as good as your gonna get!"
"Umm, what did you say??"
"Oh, sir, you don't know me very well,
this ain't as good as it gets BUDDY"

Don't, I mean, DO NOT
ever take "this is as good as it gets"
as an answer in ANY part of your life.
If I share one piece of information
that is very valuable concerning
health and wellness, it is this-
If you don't like the advice,
it isn't for YOU!!
What sounds ok to one person,
is not ok for another!!

You and ONLY YOU own your
health! Take control, be picky
about who you allow to handle your
Know your body, and if you don't-
get to know it.
 Austria,Salzburg,Flachau,Young woman smelling herbal oil photo
We get one body, and it is precious.

Being knee deep in flare ups for the past
10 years has taught me one of the most
important lessons of all-
this body is a gift,
a beautiful gift-
it houses a beautiful spirit
full of more good than any of us
can even imagine!
Treat your body good, respect it,
love it and NEVER abuse it!!
If you do that-
you will know NO limitations
spiritually, mentally and physically!

Take a minute and ponder that truth-
and maybe take a minute to think
of all the good that this body has given you!

Day 75: Family Dinner Time

As I was reading the myriad of
books, information and advice
on how best to change your eating
habits and developing a great
exercise routine,
I came across one general consensus.

If you can eat at home, at least 1/3 of the
time, or 10 meals a week,
you will have a better chance at
health, wellness and fitness!!!

I kind of laughed at that one a bit,
it seems a little....
Hmmmmmm, what's the word I'm looking for??

How often do I successfully go to a
restaurant, no matter what kind of
restaurant it is, and eat the same way
I would at home?

UM, like NEVER!!
So you might be thinking,
Well, I can do it! And to that I will
either say "You're a Liar" or
"You're a SAINT!"

With portion sizes HUGE,
a great array of options,
all kinds of drinks, appetizers and
desserts on the menu,
I think it is HARD to go out to eat
and eat a NORMAL portion size
of anything!!

I have been a huge advocate of
Family Dinner Time since before
Baby #1 was even a twinkle in my eye!

My grandma made a big deal about dinner time,
actually any meal for that matter!
She set out placemats, and the proper
table setting for even simple snacks of
Graham Crackers & Milk.

Fancy dishes, at Grandma's house,
were NOT just for special occasions or
special guests. They were used for
EVERY person who ate ANYTHING
at her kitchen table!
I loved it and if nothing else,
I intended to keep this up when I got married.

And that I have done!
I love that almost ALL of our meals
are eaten at home.
I love that almost ALL of our meals
are made by my hands, in my kitchen
for MY family- my special guests-
because that's how I see them!
These beautiful six kids of mine

and this wonderful, beautiful family

are a special and wonderful part of my life.
They add charm, wit, experience, laughter
and a house full of joy

to my life.

It is very likely, if you stop by my house
between 5:30 and 6:30,
you will find us around the kitchen table.
A really old, pretty bad picture- but a good look at Sunday dinner at our house!
Eating, laughing, talking about our day.
And it is very likely,
that you will see more than Peterson's at
that table.
My kitchen and my dining table know no
limits and all are welcome...
to sup,
to share
and most of all
to love!!!

When I ask our children to pick one thing
that they love and appreciate about our family,
9 times out of 10,
their answer is "that we eat our meals around
the table, together!"
that does a mommies heart good to hear such
a sentiment!

It's a lost treasure in today's fast paced,
tightly scheduled, hectic, gotta hurry
if you've lost this treasure,
find a way to get it back.

You have my word for it!

Day 76; Does Everyone Fall Off the Wagon?

Well, this is a subject I know all too well-
Okay!! All too really well!!!
I am Queen of fighting with my food intake
and I fight and lose this battle often!
If you doubt, take a look at this past entry!

One Busy Day leads to another,
which leads to another,
and finally I find myself wondering-
"HEY, Why are my pants so tight?"

And after I've blamed swelling,
water retention and a broken
dryer that MUST be over drying
my clothes (but for some reason
only mine!)-
I realize, I haven't entered my food
in my Food Diary,
I haven't entered my exercise,
and than the big realization-
"Did I really eat this,

Personal Puff Pockets

and this,
Salted Caramel Cupcakes
and this,
Baked French Toast Recipe Here
...over the course of the past three days?"
 (In case your wondering,
there was a lot more, I am just
a little to proud to admit to it all!!)

Oh Yes Treisha,
Yes, yes you did!!

I really hadn't intended to fall
off the "good eating" wagon,
I just got really busy and
I didn't prepare well for all
the schedule juggling I had to do.

Usually when I get here,
I get frustrated, disappointed and
beat myself up for a few weeks and
I usually give up on myself a bit...
Than I go for frozen yogurt :)

Well not this time baby!!
I wracked my brain,
tracked all that food
and wrote it down.

It was a reality check for me.
Not only did I account for what I had
I felt a a significant amount
of gratitude that my pants
were only a little tight.

Lesson learned-
no matter what it is-
if you fall off the wagon,
Just Get Back On!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 77- Take off the Rose Colored Glasses

First things First,
I don't have a problem with
Rose Colored Glasses,
I do have a problem with
Rose Colored Glasses that only
seem to see the best in everyone else
AND the worst in ourselves.

It is so easy to look around and see
the GOOD in everyone else's lives and
compare that to the BAD in our own!

I think when trying to get in shape,
lose weight or find health, it is all the more
easy to compare our bad with our
neighbors good! So stop that now-
like RIGHT NOW!!

I think the biggest false rumor in the diet and
fitness world is that the gym is full of
beautiful, fit women who have not a care in the
world except feeding their insane vanity!

I have been a member of gyms for over 20 years,
in five states and I have never found this to be true.

What I love about going to classes,
besides the motivation of the instructor,
is the unity and comraderie in the class.

I love that when you see this,

what you really have is a room full of women & men,
each with a different obstacle,
but all working towards a common goal-
Health & Wellness!

I love that when you see this,

What you really should see is a room full
of people all working at different levels,
different strengths and weaknesses!

Within the classes that I regularly attend there is...
* a diabetic who avoids intense treatment by regular exercise
* a woman with fibromyalgia whose pain is
managed by strength training
* a young woman who went to the doctor for a cold,
but instead found that her heart was near failure
and is hoping she can avoid major surgery with
increased fitness
* a long distance runner, who has been fit her
entire life
* a recovering anorexic who desperately is trying to
overcome the abuse her body has suffered by giving
it strength and wellness
* woman who has finally lost the excess weight simply
with proper diet and nutrition and the support of the
friends she has met at the gym
* and many more whose stories I don't know, but I
feel confident enough to know that it is not vanity that
gets them to they gym each day- it is outright determination
to overcome something!

I hope you pause to do a reality check the next
time you put the rose colored glasses on-
things are not always what they seem.
There are stories, fears and challenges
behind every smiling face. Rather than compare,
I dare you to share-
share your story, your successes and your fears-
chances are you'll make gain more than muscle
in your next gym class!

Stats & Facts:
B: Mango Berry Protein Shake, cantalope
S: Celery with Peanut Butter
L:  Tuna on a rice cake with salsa
S: grapes, frozen yogurt
D: Veggie Stir Fry
 Total Calories 1212
Gym Class 60 minutes

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 78- Thai Lettuce Wraps

Do you have any recipes that you know you love,
you know your family loves, but for some
reason you don't make it very often?
Well this is one of those recipes for me!

My family LOVES this recipe-
we have been making these for so long,
I couldn't even begin to track down
where the original recipe came from.

Believe me, make an effort to
have ALL the ingredients if at all
possible. The unique combination of
fresh ginger, mint, cilantro and lime
is amazing! Every one of your taste buds
will pop with joy as you eat these.
And made with ground turkey,
these come in at less than 100 calories

Go, go NOW to get these yummy ingredients!

Thai Lettuce Wraps

1 T. Oil                                                                1 lb. GroundTurkey
1 sliced red pepper                                       3 thinly sliced scallions
2 T. Finely chopped ginger                        2 chopped garlic cloves
½ t. red pepper flakes                                 1 t. sugar
3 T. Soy Sauce                                                 1 t. sesame oil
12 boston lettuce leaves                            1 cucumber, thinly sliced
1 bunch mint & cilantro leaves               1 lime
 ** I added avocado because I had some and wanted to use them up
Cook & crumble ground turkey. 
Add pepper, scallion, ginger, garlic, pepper flakes & sugar. 
Turn off heat, stir in soy sauce & sesame oil. 
To serve: Put lettuce, cucumber, mint & cilantro on platter. 

Place 1/4 c. turkey mixture in 1 leaf of lettuce. 
Top with cucumber, mint and cilantro. Squeeze some lime on top and roll.

Day 78- Stats & Facts
B: Mango Berry Protein Shake
S: Cottage Cheese & Tomato Slices
L: Boar's Head Chicken sandwich on 
Ezekial Bread
S: Pear, Cantalope, Cucumbers w/ Hummus
D: Thai Lettuce Wraps w/ avocados
1 cup milk
Total Calories: 1202
Exercise 60 minutes, strength &
60 minutes treadmill steady pace

Day 79- Maybe You Need a New Playlist

I have an awesome workout instructor
who can motivate the sweat out of my
body in a rapid High Interval Heart Beat!

I do whatever I can to make it to her classes
and have signed up for her semi private fitness
teams as well. She is well known for saying,
"Oh, I love this song, lets do one more push to
get our heart rate up". Regardless of how hard
we have already pushed and despite moanings from
the room, she leads us through a High Intensity Drill
that sends us to our maximum heart rate!

On my own, I can't get nearly as good as a workout
as I get with her at the lead.

Today, my husband and I both wanted to get
a workout in before we started a hectic day with
the kids. We went to the gym, and I brought along
a book my son has been begging me to read. I am
not a good runner, inside or out, so if I am going
to be stuck with the treadmill, I will crank up the
incline and walk as fast as I can, this allows me
to pass the time reading. I usually can get a
pretty good workout it and I figure it's better than
sitting on my hiney reading a book!!

Well today, I decided to do a few High Intensity Intervals
to get my heart rate up a bit before I settled into my
normal pace. I had just updated my workout playlist,
so I knew I had some good songs to keep me focused.
As I approached the final few minutes of my
pre-determined time before I settled in, one of my
favorite songs came on the i-pod. In my head, I heard
Juliett's voice "Oh, I looooove this song, let's push 3 more
minutes- you can do anything for 3 minutes"

So push I did, and got my heart rate up to where
Juliett would be proud. Just as I had recovered,
another great song came on and I hear that same
voice again! Sure I can push another 3 minutes!!
Well that pattern kept repeating and I kept pushing.

By the time my husband was ready to call it quits,
I was finishing up with a great workout where I had
maintained the highest incline, the fastest speed and
the longest duration I have EVER done on the treadmill
AND I had burned an impressive 700 calories!!

HOLY COW!! Are you serious?? I cannot even begin
to say how proud I was of my workout. This is more
impressive because I DON'T do running! I do NOT do
it Sam I Am. Not on a road, not at the gym,
Not with a friend, Not on a Whim! 

I just kept thinking the entire rest of the day,
 "What else in my life do I have a lack luster
interest in? What else is there that could turn
from a 'can't do' to a 'let's see how far I can push'?"

Is the difference really just the playlist. Updating
the motivation, is that all I need in more than just
exercise? I came up with a list of things
that I think could be improved with
a change to my playlist-

What could you change? What could be your
motivation to get over the hump of what you feel
stuck in? I was surprised at my list, and a little
grateful for the perspective that I received while
pushing myself to my ultimate limits.
I was more surprised by how I felt after.
I felt stronger, more able and more confident
than I have in a long time.

Get out and Change Your Playlist!

Today's Low Down:
B: Fage Greek Yogurt w/ berries & granola
S: Celery with peanut butter
L: Cobb Salad & Multi grain crackers
S: Fruit Salad & Special K granola bar
D: Chicken Lettuce Wrap sandwich,
roasted butter nut squash & corn on the cob

Day 80- Snack Attack

I have two main concerns to my healthy diet-
First, I often don't eat enough in a Day!
Surprisingly, a lot of women,
especially mom's do not!
When we don't eat enough, or don't
eat a consistent diet on a daily basis,
our bodies get confused and go into
a starvation mode. When this happens
our bodies hold on to every bit of food
we give them and store them as fat, to
be used at a later date.

If exercise is part of your routine,
the importance of making sure you are
getting enough calories is that much
more important.

This has been one of my biggest enemies
over the past several years. I have to be
vigilant at ensuring I get the right number of
calories with the proper allocation of
protein, carbs and fats.

The second challenge I face, is I am
a sugar addict. This is no surprise and can
be easily proven by the number of desserts in
my personal recipe collection. I need to be
extra cautious that I keep my sugar cravings
at bay. The biggest trick for me is to keep myself
out of the kitchen during the day. If I can
have snacks pre-made and pre-portioned,
I am more likely to stand around the kitchen
trying to decide what to eat.

I have noticed that when I follow the nutrition
advice of eating five small meals a day at intervals
of between three and five hours, I can get a pretty good
grasp of both of these issues.

Because exercise is a big part of my daily routine,
I pay special attention to the amount of protein
I get each day. The general consensus is that
your diet consist of about 1/2 of your body weight
in protein. Make sure you get about 20-30 grams of protein
within one hour of a weight lifting workout.

This list of easy and simple snacks keeps me
craving free, satisfied throughout the day
and ensures my protein needs are met.

Simple & On The Go Snacks

Banana with 1-2 TBSP. peanut butter & a dallop of Vanilla Paste
Celery sticks and pisatchios
Almonds and Apple
Greek Yogurt and Berries
Tuna on a rice cake with Salsa
Jicama, sliced peppers & Guacamole
Turkey Slice & cheese stick
Hummus & Persian cucumbers
Gluten Free crackers & 1 oz. cheese
Rice chex, dried cranberries & almonds
Cottage cheese & tomato slices

I love that with these easy snack combination
I can ward off cravings for sugary foods,
keep satisfied and because I am eating the
right combinations of food, I am less likely
to over eat on dinner or the occassional
dessert night.

Day 81- Quality Counts with Oil & Vinegar

My sixteen year old is our resident
salad dressing maker.
I am usually running around the kitchen
in the final minutes before dinner is served
and all of a sudden I realize I forgot to make
the dressing-
lucky for me, in walks Miss Kutie Pie
and she saves the day.

She makes some yummy ones,
and is a pro at deciding what flavors
will best compliment the fresh ingredients
we are using in the Salad de Jour!

With the exception of one dressing that
we use once in a rare while, we make
our own salad dressings- no matter what
type of salad we are eating. 
This is one of the things we did long ago
when I started eliminating processed foods
and I have loved it so much. No more drowning
our greens and toppings.

The secret to great tasting homemade dressings
is great tasting oils

Specialty and high quality oils are available at most fine grocery stores.

and vinegars.
There are specialty oil & vinegar shops in many areas or you can buy online

They may be a bit more pricey-
but ohhh, soooo worth it-

Miss Kutie just recently made us a dressing
that was out of this world,
It was made with
Grapeseed Oil
Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar
Sea Salt
Coconut Sugar
Lemon Extract
Nielsen-Massey has great ingredients and can be ordered online if you can't find them locally

We used small dashes on this Delicious Salad

It was truly a match made in Heaven!

Day 81 Stats & Facts
B: Greek yogurt with berries and granola
S: Whole Grain crackers with guacamole
L: Grilled Tuna Sandwich on Ezekial Bread, mango slices
S: 1/2 c. cottage cheese & grapes
D: Fruit salad & Luna protein bar
S: Whole Wheat Graham Crackers & Kettle Corn
Total Calories: 1214
No Exercise

Little Miss Sunshine Salad

Little Miss Sunshine Salad

It doesn't seem like
anything special at first glance.
With just a few ingredients it
just seems to good to be true.
But I can promise you this salad
will make you smile :)
Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking of this salad!!
Even Dear ole' Hubby liked it
and he is usually not too fond
of vinaigrette dressings.

Let's just cut to the chase here shall we??
This salad starts with some pretty
simple basics:

A mixture of baby spring greens and baby spinach
Fresh Raspberries
Bleu Cheese or Feta (depends on what you like)

Than you add some delicious Glazed Cashews,
* we make these by melting butter in a heavy pan,
adding cashews and tossing them until lightly
roasted. We then add agave nectar and continue tossing
until they are nice and glazed over. We have used
various flavors of agave and have never been
disappointed with the flavor of the nuts. 

Drizzle lightly with this Vinaigrette
Grapeseed Oil
Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar
Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar
Lemon Extract
Sea Salt
Coconut Sugar

Go Ahead- admit it
You like it LOTS!!

Day 82- How Fresh Can You Get

I absolutely LOVE Farmer's Markets-
I love the busy-ness,
the interaction with the vendors
and the samples of fresh fruits & veggies-

I fell in Love with Farmer's Markets in CA-
I found many an excuse to go as often as I could.
My favorite was held on Wednesday Mornings
in Santa Monica along 3rd Street Promenade!
With the beach just down the road, it made for a
picture perfect day for me!

When we moved to TX, I was less than
confident that I would find one I loved as much.

In an effort to Make our Way in TX, we decided
to get out and LIVE a little-
and one of our first items of business- find me
a Farmers Market-
and Farmers Market we Found!!
The Dallas Farmers Market was by leaps and
bounds the best I have seen.

The produce was splendid,
Peppers are so full of nutrients and a staple at our house for quick and easy
the displays were perfect,
So many varieties and options to chose from
the vendors were just the right amount of helpful
... even if a little shy
and the other patrons were beyond friendly!!

In my previous life I do believe I was a farmer-
at least I would believe that if I
believed I'd lived a previous life.

It is difficult in these busy days to make time
to eat healthy, let alone to eat
Healthy AND Fresh!!
But I am going to say
Do IT! Make whatever sacrifice you can
to eat your food as close to the source as you can.

If there is one single change I have made that I
KNOW has made a difference in my health,
it is eliminating as much processed food as
absolutely possible from my diet.

If you have any questions-
this is close to the source

and this is NOT!

Here are some of my favorite recipes for
eating fresh-
Favorite Veggie Salad- just use a different
dressing if you are trying to lose weight or
Spinach Salad with Carrots & Israeli Couscous
or simply these Roasted Veggies

Day 82 Low Down
B: Greek Yogurt w/ granola and berries
I used a Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar for flavor- yum!

S: Celery w/ 2 TBSP peanut butter
L: Cobb Salad w/ Balsamic Vinegar
multi grain crackers & red pepper hummus
S: Fruit Salad
D: Boars Head Sandwich wraps on Butterleaf Lettuce

Total Calories: 1327
Exercise: Treadmill Intervals at 5 mph 12 incline
on 3 minutes, off 2

Day 83- Make Friends With Salad

Holy Mouthful Batman!!

Today I am including a salad that is a Mouth Full
of Yumminess from beginning to END!

Rule # 6 (read here for my "rules")
says to avoid Carbs after lunch- which means
that during this 84 day process, I will be
eating a lot of Dinner Salads.
I'm not talking boring old Dinner Salads-
No Way Jose,
These are mouth watering treats, full of
goodness, nutrients and healthy living!

I have several Salad Recipes that I love
this one is easy & one I make ALL the time for lunch
or this one just omit the noodles.

This recipe actually serves double duty-
Day 1: It's a yummy Flank Steak served with
this Delicious Mango Berry Salsa
and caramelized peppers and brown rice

and then on Day 2, it's this delicious salad!
So sorry, it tastes much better than this looks

For the Steak:
1-2 pounds flank steak

1 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. coriander
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
3/4 tsp. kosher salt
1/4 tsp. freshly ground pepper
1 lime, juiced
1 TBSP. extra virgin olive oil

Combine all the rub spices together. Add lime juice
and olive oil- stir to combine
Place the steak in a shallow dish like a pie plate
and pour rub over. Rub it in on both sides.
Allow the steak to sit for 15 minutes.
Getch'yur grill ready-
Gill over medium-high heat 5-7 minutes to your desired
doneness, I like to leave it a little pink on the inside.
Let the steak rest for 5 minutes and then Cut steak into strips

For the Salad: 
Romaine and Mixed Greens
Red Onion, sliced thinly

Drained Black Beans

Avocados, sliced

Red, Yellow & Orange Peppers-

slightly sauteed so they are a little more than 

al dente

Top with a delicious, spicy, homemade salsa

in place of a dressing-

Okay, so for the Low Down on Day 83
B: Steel Cut Oats, Blueberries & Pecans
S: Banana & 3 TBSP almonds
L: Boars Head Chicken Sandwich on Ezekial Bread & an apple
S: Turkey Jerky & Grapes
D: This delicious Salad!
Total Calories: 1242

Exercise: Strength, 65 minutes at home

Day 84- Define Your Dreams

I love this quote from a popular
motivational book and movie-
"Decide what you want. Believe
you can have it. Believe you deserve it
and believe it's possible for you."

Health & Wellness is a GOOD goal-
it is a gift you give yourself first-
and in return you give it to
EVERYONE you interact with each
and every day!!! 

I am here to shatter, or at least
try to convince you to shatter ANYTHING
that is standing in your way of success!
Whatever your obstacles, find a way to
either move them or work with them,

Do it today, do it RIGHT NOW-
get out of your own way,
and get on with the rest of your life-
the life of your dreams,
a life of joy, happiness, service & love!!

Daily Quotes: Don't be afraid to change

This is my 84 day journey, not to an end point,
a place where I will get to and go back to my
old patterns of thought and behavior,
but a journey to my NEW destination.
That is why I am counting down from 84 to 1-
Like any TOP 40 hits list-
Day 84 is my Starting Point,
but we are aiming for the BEST, the #1 spot!

My Goals are:
* Lose 8 pounds- this one may be hard to
measure in the end, because I am lifting
weights and gaining muscle, so ultimately
I want back in the clothes I was wearing
before our move to TX!
* Get rid of 4 total inches
* Be prepared for taper from Meds by year end
* Control Sugar rather than Sugar control Me
* Support Hubby in his goals
* Hit BMI of 18

Day 84 Wrap up Stats
Breakfast: mango & strawberry smoothie
Snack: yogurt with raspberries & pecans
Lunch: 3 oz. chicken, broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 c. brown rice
Snack: Banana w/ 1 TBSP peanut butter,
Dinner: Orange Thai Beef, very berry salad, orange snap peas

Total Calories: 1205
Exercise: 1 Hour fitness class, weights & cardio,
20 minutes treadmill intervals, 30 minutes yoga

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Journey in 84 Days

Well it's no surprise to those who
know me that I am on a constant
journey to Health and Wellness.

I have spent the better part of the past
three years researching & studying
Health, Wellness and Balance.
Sometimes I am good at it,

and sometimes I am not!

I believe that "Healthy" is a
Mind/Body/Spirit unity-
A great body does NOT equal
a Healthy Body-
and it is HEALTHY that I aim for-
For some reason, I choose to ride
a Roller Coaster in my diet and
exercise routines:
sometimes I am up...
*** read about it here
and sometimes I am down.
*** read about it here

I saw this great picture & quote
It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Dont quit. ,  superb

and for some reason, it resonated
with my heart.

Because of some personal stuff
that is going on in my life and the
lives of my family,
I decided to gather everything I've
learned, experienced or heard over the
past few years and put it all together
into one set of truths that we could use
to establish health and wellness that
we could not only ATTAIN,
I'm not interested in fads, crazes
or temporary fixes-

Because I want to keep track
and because it may be helpful to others,
I've decided to share my journey-

I promise great advice,
great recipes

and maybe even
great motivation in the process!!

Let's Get This Done
*** If you Want to Know the Rules and
Guidelines we are following during this
time  read about them here.

Guidelines for My 12 Week Journey

My husband has decided to embark on
a 12 week Journey to better health
and fitness with me.
Neither one of us enjoy the phrase,
"As you get older..." when talking
about things that are changing-
like our mid sections or our
dropping energy levels!
I don't buy it-
at least not entirely.

He does better with stated guidelines,
so I made a list of Do's and Don't's
for us to follow. In case you are wondering,
because I want this to be a way of life,
not a trendy diet, our whole family is
obeying MOST of these rules as well.

1. Drink Plenty of Water including
a large glass of water before every meal
& DO NOT drink your calories!
Not revolutionary- but absolutely important

2. Eat a portion of Protein at every meal-
this is especially important if you are
lifting weights as part of your exercise
you should aim for 60-80 grams of protein per day

Fresh Raspberry Glazed Chicken Breast

3. Rid Your Diet of White-
white flour, rice, pasta, potatoes-
you have to really watch this, many
wheat breads have white enriched flour
as their first ingredient!

4. Know what Fiber is and Eat it-
Fiber comes from both plant and grain
sources; know it, love it and EAT it
30-50 grams per day

5. An Apple a Day...
get your fruit. Apples and Berries have
unique health benefits, make sure
you are friends with them every day
Berry Topped Greek Yogurt- tons of protein & the anti-inflammatory benefit of berries

6. Think Lean & Green for Dinner-
think no carbs after lunch

7. Know what's in Your Food-
if it has a label read it & banish
salty foods altogether!
Pay careful attention to sodium, fat,
trans fats and especially words you can't say-
if you can't say, your belly can't process it

8. Measure Your Food-
Be real about how much you are eating and
what a serving size really is

9. No More Added Sweeteners-
artificial ones too baby!!

10. Say Good-bye to the Drive Thru-
no more fast or fried foods! Plan ahead,
pack a snack. if all else fails, buy a banana
when you stop for gas!

11. Eat Breakfast-
you can be certain I am a firm believer
in this topic- I don't care who you are,
or how busy you are, it's called the most
important meal of the day for a reason!
Protein Berry Banana Smoothie: my favorite pre-workout breakfast

12. Make Your Own Food- if you
are a frequent eater outer, make a goal
to cut how often you eat out by half
not only will you eat better, but you will
find your family life is better as you join
around the kitchen table for some good ole' 
fashioned family conversation- plus habits that
will last a lifetime.
A few simple recipes, some delicious spices, oils and vinegars & you can do it better than any restaurant

13. Eat Your Veggies-
you should aim for twice as many veggies
as fruits- this is as important as the water
plan for it, do it and succeed!!
Roasted Carrots with Shallots and Gremalato

14. Go To Bed Hungry-
avoid eating at least 3 hours before you
plan to go to bed, the benefits are plenty
and I promise you won't starve in your sleep

15. Make sure you are getting enough sleep-
this is soooo important. your body needs time
to replenish, if you're not getting enough sleep
find out why and fix it- you can't lose weight or get
fit if your not sleeping- true story!!

16. Weigh in Every Morning, but don't obsess-
... and measure once a week. I know this is contrary, 
and if it really depresses you more than you can handle,
skip this, but the daily feedback is important if you are trying
to make lifelong change!

17. Keep a Food Journal-
my favorite is www.myfitnesspal.com 
do what works best for you, but the best way
to see if you are eating too much is to see it all
tallied up

18. Set Your Goal-
are you here to lose weight, gain muscle,
find joy, relinquish stress? Set a bar- make it
a high bar- remove your obstacles and 
go for the Gold!
 7 Day arm challenge - different exercises every day for a week, one commenter says she lost 1.5 inches in 2 weeks.
19. Know Your Obstacles-
if you are going to remove them, you'd better
know them. keep in mind some obstacles aren't
going anywhere, they are part of your journey,
learn to work with them not against them! 

20. Plan for a Splurge Meal Once a Week-
and once you plan it, ENJOY it! this helps avoid the
guilt if you enjoy birthday cake at your kiddos party!
don't feel guilt- but only one guilt free splurge per week!