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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 69- This is Why I Care About the Last 10 Pounds

They say the weather in Dallas is fickle-
I say whoever "THEY" is, THEY are right!

Yesterday morning was muggy and uncomfortable.
I turned the Air Conditioner back on
because it was sticky and miserable.

But at 4 o'clock,
something happened and all of a sudden...
BRRRRRRRRRRR! It was cold!

As the night progressed, it just got colder
leaving today a definite jeans and sweater day!
I am NOT complaining. I could live in jeans-
the more worn, tattered and torn they are,
the more I like 'em- and a nice cozy sweatshirt.
Ahhhh, I get comfy and happy just thinking of it.

So I was kind of worried about putting on jeans today,
last time I tried to wear jeans they were a bit,
I don't have it in me today to feel TIGHT-

I picked my favs and took a deep breath-
And they fit. Not just fit,
but fit good!

This is why I care about those last few pounds:
* I like feeling like I can get down on the floor and
play a game with my kiddos.
This isn't me, but it's what is important to me in fitness & health
* I like having the energy to accomplish all that I need
to in a day & have energy to spare for my kids when
they get home from school.
* I like that I can chase in a good game of tag and feel
like I can keep up with the fun & the kids.

* I like that my emotional health seems more stable
when my physical health is up to par.

Maybe it is vanity, but I don't think so.
Honestly, the last thing I think about is
what someone else thinks of how I look-
I really think I feel better, stronger,
more capable of doing what needs to be done
and I think I am more willing to try new things
when my weight is closer to my goal weight.

I think it's important to be honest about what
a "goal" weight is. There is no question that
as we age, weight & size take on new meaning
and new challenges. But there is a point where
I know I just plain FEEL good and a point
where I know i just plain DON'T FEEL good.

This life is about joy and gratitude.
If you're not there, what do you need to do
to get there.

It sounds silly, but if I can cuddle up in
my ratty ole' jeans, a hoodie, a cup of cocoa
and the people I love-

there ain't much more joy & gratitude I can find!!

Today's Down Low
B: scrambled egg & ezekail toast
S: Luna Protein Bar
L: Chicken & Cheese on Crunchmaster Crackers
 & roasted butternut squash
S: Banana with peanut butter
D: Honey Lime Chicken Breast, green beans
S: Almonds ** if I don't get enough calories, I grab almonds before bed

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