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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 66 Do Something You Love

Trying to start new habits and
make lifestyle changes can sometimes
be really overwhelming.
When it comes to some of my really
bad eating habits, they aren't all based
on my lack of will power and self control-

a lot of my talent and joy comes from
the food I make and sharing that food with
those I love-
read all about it here

While I am trying to make some
basic changes to my habits,
I am trying really hard to concentrate
on OTHER talents I might have
and ways that I can share those talents.

I can't sacrifice my joy and content
just because I am DETERMINED
to fit in the clothes I wore when we moved
to Texas one year ago last week!

So I have been really focusing on doing
the OTHER things that I love...

I have sent some really fun Thank You cards
to people letting them know how much
they touch my life,

I have weeded and worked in the flower

I have taken discovery walks with my 8 year old,

I decorated my front porch and the inside
of my house for fall
My dining room Centerpiece vignette
and I have been studying a book that I love,
leaving each study session grateful for the time
I took to read, study and ponder.

Life is short,
live it and
fill it with things you LOVE!

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