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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 68- Keep Your Buddy Motivated

Day 68- Keep Your Buddy Motivated

I think the time between School Starting

and Christmas

is a tough time to try to eliminate BAD
eating habits!!

Not only are there the Holidays,
All of our favorite Fall Cupcakes

 & Christmas!
Our Annual Gingerbread Decorating Party

But, in our case,
we have four of our eight birthdays
Happy 8th Buddy!
between September 15th & November 6th
That's a lot of Birthday Cake & Ice Cream!

My hubby and I are in this 84 day journey
together. He does better if I am on board with
changes to his eating habits and I do better
if he isn't eating the foods that are NO NO's to me!

We were doing great...
and than,
he had a crisis at work!
 Stressed : An image of a man overwhelmed by his life. Stock Photo
And he is a stress eater-

So he got off track for a few days,
which led to a snowball and turned into
more like a week of trying to get back on
Why is it so hard to recover from a derailment?

Well, when he got off track,
I got off track!
How weird is that?
I wasn't stressed!
I wasn't working late hours!
But for some reason,
when my buddy struggled,
I struggled!

I realized this a few days ago,
as I was preparing to get us back
on track, how important it is to support
the people closest to you.
Your support of them,
ricochet's right back at you and becomes
their support of you!

I hadn't really thought of this before,
but it sure transformed the morning
ritual of preparing 5 sack lunches
from a chore to a privilege!

Make sure and keep your buddy motivated-
in the end they may be the motivation you need
one day-
like the day your piano teacher sends you home
with 6 delicious and beautiful Caramel Apples!

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