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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Parenting 101: Find a Worthy Mentor

This is the FIFTH post in a series of SIX
about simple tips that have made a HUGE 
impact on the way I have chosen to raise my 
I've definitely offered the disclaimer that perfect,

However, I am 100% confident that these simple
nuggets of advice have made ALL the difference
in how I have raised my children. 

This little Parenting tidbit originates in the Bible-

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is training us on
how to be better people, better stewards and 
ultimately how to become like Him. 

Matthew 7:9-10 offers this counsel, 
"or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, 
will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?”  

I think on this often as I consider the relationship 
I have, or want to have with my children and 
as I ponder over the specific needs that they might have.  

Too scared to go on and too courageous to quit

Someone to give a little one on one encouragement
These verses are especially helpful to me 
when I am faced with a difficult situation with one of our children, 
I try to think more on how my Heavenly Father would 
handle the situation rather than how I WANT to handle the situation. 

In every situation we find ourselves in, 
our Father wants to provide a way for us to learn and 
to become better. 
I try to keep that same focus when I need to council 
or even reprimand our children.

Heavenly Father really wants only what is best for us, 
and we can be sure that He will never give us any less than that. 
I find it so much easier to serve and help my children when 
I keep things in perspective of how our Heavenly Father 
constantly loves, serves, teaches, and guides us. 

No matter what the situation, if I slow down long enough 
to ask myself how a perfect and loving Father would handle 
this exact moment, this exact trial or this exact behavior-
I receive the words I need and the understanding required
to teach a righteous truth to my children. 
It is these moments that always seem to end 
positive for both parent and child.

Balancing weight, size and the center stability
Another aspect of this scripture that I love is that as 
I try to align my parenting style with that of my Heavenly Father, 
my relationship with Heavenly Father increases tremendously. 
I become more aware that everything we are given, 
whether it is a blessing or a trial is a gift from our Father 
and intended for nothing more than our good and our experience.  
I have more faith when things are tough, because I am learning 
that He loves me and only wants what is best for me. 

For me, I have chosen my Heavenly Father as the
pattern for my parenting.
However, I will say,
there are A LOT of people that I know have sincerely
impacted who I am and what type of parent I want to be.
It would be horribly misguiding if I left the influence of
many friends, family members and leaders out of the mix.

The old adage that says 'It takes a village to raise a child'
is right on the money in more ways than one.
Extended Family at a Group Obstacle Course learning the value of team work

Me about to go through the final hole in a spider web of challenge! Honestly the things we can accomplish with teamwork
But ultimately, it is YOU who will influence YOUR children
the most!
At least, in my opinion, that is what I aim for.
There are too many scary and dangerous influences that
have the ability to touch our children's lives
(but that is an entirely different matter altogether)

Find your pattern, mold yourself to it
and do not stray from your values,
your ideals,
your instinct in raising wonderful children.

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