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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Focal Point

I had myself a little bit of a nervous breakdown yesterday!
I didn't mean to give in,
I tried to be strong,
I tried to believe,
I tried to wait on the Lord's time table

But I had a melt down and I just couldn't help it!
Now that's a SNO CONE: Ham Lake, MN
I'm very grateful for a husband who just listened,
and offered a shoulder to cry on
and offered to be a punching bag
if I got really out of control!

I don't want to send the wrong message,
I feel really, really, REALLY blessed!
Ward Birthday Party: Ham Lake, MN
But we've had some losses over the past five years
And sometimes the only explanation I have is
that we failed-
which doesn't make sense when I
take the time to pray
and ponder my life experiences.
Annual Favorite Friends Gingerbread Party: Ham Lake, MN
Well, we are in a situation that is going to require
us to make a housing decision and we have only
a few days to make this decision!
A Glimpse at My Eternal Family: Ham Lake, MN
I'm tired of moving-
I'm tired of relocating &
I'm tired of the stress and sadness that being
"The new kid at school" causes my children.

So I had my little emotional breakdown,
and then I did what I do best,
I pulled myself up from my bootstraps
and put on my big girl panties
and I got over it!
Four Daughters: Newport, CA
I woke up early to read some scriptures
and found great comfort in Alma chapters 57-59,
Found in the Book of Mormon.
While I straightened my frizzy hair,
I listened to this great talk by Henry B. Eyring
And then I went to Yoga
** This is my prescription for dealing with challenges in life **

The studio I went to today has a mirror at the front of class-
I no likey mirrors in yoga class :(
During a standing balance pose, I stumbled and
Could NOT regain my balance!
I had taken my eyes off my focal point and
allowed myself to be completely distracted by
the many reflections in the mirror.

The trouble is, those reflections had absolutely NOTHING
to do with me, my stability or my practice
yet I let those distractions occupy my thoughts
and as a result, those distractions took me off balance!

I realized this is what was happening now-

I have healthy, happy, resilient kiddos,
they love each other, they love their parents
and for the most part they obey and
work each day to reach higher than the day before!
Beach Therapy: Ventura, CA
For a brief moment, I lost sight of the fact
that we all have a Heavenly Father who knows
what our limits and capacities are-
AND with all my heart,
I know we will never be pushed further than we can handle.
I also know without a shadow of doubt that
He who loves us more than we can earthly fathom,
also wants NOTHING more than to see me
succeed and conquer the trials that
push my weaknesses into strengths. 

If I believe in these two simple truths,
than I need not FEAR!
And this says it all: Newport, CA
I will let you know how it goes...

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