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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'll take a Prank with some Family History on the Side

Last week, it was my privilege and
opportunity to take two of my children
off to college, to get them settled in
and to watch them anxiously pull out the
scissors and
CUT my apron strings!
Kiddo #3 at graduation
Kiddo #1 Home from his mission
They are attending the same university
that both my husband and I graduated from,
which also happens to be near my hometown.
So while there,
I had the great blessing of getting to spend time with
my Grandma!

I love this woman more than anyone can begin to explain.
There is not one single day that goes by in my life
where I don't see the residual impact of her influence
on me and my family.

Silly Faces for Family Pictures
She has had two courageous battles with breast cancer
and has come out victorious,
but her age and her battles of life have taken a toll.
As we chatted, I realized that she has
NO IDEA how wonderful she has been
and what a strength she is to so many people.
Nor does she realize that she has a wealth of
love and information that I don't want to lose
as time moves quickly forward...

So I decided that we would embark on a life challenge-
Every day, we will chat about life-
hers, mine, aunts, uncles, friends...
Whoever and whatever comes to mind-

Today it started out with a simple question-
How did the April Fools Day tradition get started?

She was a HUGE prankster when it came to April Fools Day-
and somehow I fell for it EVERY YEAR hook, line and sinker.

Well, it turns out that it all started with a silly prank that her
Aunt played on grandmas family and it turned into a tradition
in my grandmas home that extended to my son, who loved
grandmas example and came up with a new prank each year!

I'd like to depart and say
"Oh, how I hated those pranks"

It's funny the things we can learn when we talk to our family
and especially to those we admire.
I admit, my glasses are definitely rose colored when
I think of this grandma,
she can do no wrong in my opinion and
I wouldn't have it any other way.

This life is so busy-
there is so much to do and to be and to get...
but really none of it really matters!

The thing that matters is the people we will meet on the
other side-
the relationships we build,
the people we lift and strengthen,
the energy and the love we foster because we care-

I think I can say-
that is the secret of life,
of youth
and definitely of LOVE

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