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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life & Yoga: Part 1

I have practiced yoga for many years. 

I love what it does for my body, 
but more than anything, 
I love what it does for my spirit.

In my opinion, the yoga instructor can
make or break a practice. 
The encouragement and the thoughts they
provide throughout class can increase the level
of calm in my very chatty brain

increase the chaos and distraction
in my body and mind!
I choose CALM,
thank you very much!

This is Ashley.
I took her yoga classes faithfully for several years. 
She is absolutely beautiful in mind and in spirit. 

Life is the same as a yoga class in many ways-
If you have a good leader,
whether it is a peer, mentor or spouse-
who can lead you and guide you through
the many twists and turns of life,
your growth and development can reach
new heights all the while enjoying peace and calm.

I have been influenced by many people for good,
some only for a what seems like a minute,
others have been with me for years.

But it is their gently touch on my soul that  
will last a lifetime.

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