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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eternal Progression

Goals With Heavenly Help

How did four months just whiz by before I knew it?

I had the opportunity to present at a local Women's Conference
this past weekend. It was an amazing conference
and my topic couldn't have been better suited for what I love
to practice and preach!!

So I wanted to share a little bit...
My last post was about New Year's Resolutions-
and I promised to write about my 2012 New Year's Goals
than I didn't!
Woman with sad face - worried
Well, here I am, about to repent and right that wrong-

So my topic was on 'Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God'
the conference was themed after Matthew 6-
 Lily flower (39)

I talked a lot about the incredible life we can have when we
put our spiritual growth first,
and I used my 2012 goals as an example of what can
become of a life when we let our Heavenly Father lead the way!

This is what my goals looked like with ME in charge,
I thought they looked pretty good and I felt like it would be a good year
if I could accomplish the goals.

New Year’s Resolutions 2012
* Attend the Temple Monthly
* Learn how to log in and enter personal information to family history program
* Look into options for a Master’s degree program
* Read Chapter 4 of the Preach My Gospel Manual
* Find an exercise routine that builds strength and endurance
* Greet hubby with a smile & offer one compliment/gratitude each day

Well this is how my goals looked after a teamed up
with my Heavenly Father who knows me far better than
I know myself AND sees a whole lot more in my potential

New Year’s Resolutions
Treisha’s Plan
Heavenly Father’s Outcome
* Attend the Temple Monthly
* Attended the Temple weekly
* Baptisms for the Dead with my children 2 times
* Sealed 100 families for all eternity
* Learn how to log in and enter personal information into a family history program
* Found the names of 188 deceased family members
* Did the temple work for ALL family names
* Look into options for a Master’s degree program
* Looked into, applied and got accepted into program that works perfectly with my family dynamics
* Read Chapter 4 of the  Preach My Gospel Manual
* Studied the entire Preach My Gospel Manual.
The devotion to this book has literally changed my life. I cannot even begin to describe all the facets of my life that were impacted by this study!
* Find an exercise routine that builds strength and endurance
* Found a great trainer and a group of girls to work out with that provides incentive to push beyond my doubts
* This group has been my social life force, especially when loneliness has crept into my day
* Greet hubby with a smile & offer at least one compliment or gratitude per day
* Seems so small, but it has changed our marriage. We are happier, more united and less stressed overall than we ever have been before

I know it is not New Year's Resolution time,
but maybe this is about the time when you realize
that you haven't made the progress you wanted to by now.

I have been so grateful for the way my 2012 ended up.
It is the first time in my life (at least that I can remember)
that I accomplished so much yet felt so little stress and
anxiety while doing it.

I would say, if you have never done it before,
look at what your goals are and say a little prayer-
Can you push a little harder?
A little further?
Can you see a little more?

I don't mean ADD more to your life,
I mean BECOME more with what you are already doing!!

You're in for an amazing experience if you do,
I guarantee it!!

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