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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Parenting 101: Create a Vision

I shared here about an opportunity I had to
speak to a large group about Successful Parenting-
Creating a Vision was the first suggestion I offered to them
as one family habit we have that has made a BIG
difference in our lives...

I am a huge advocate of being a Visionary
when it comes to our own personal lives.

Just like a Mission Statement helps a family, school
or company identify what it is the group
wants to 'DO' and accomplish,

a Vision Statement for an individual
helps identify who we want to BE
and who we will BECOME on this journey
we call life!

We might be DOING what we want to be doing-
but unhappy or dissatisfied because we are NOT
BEING who we want to BE! However, without a
Vision Statement how would we know we
were off target?

Work together to create a vision for your family! 
Proverbs 29:18 councils us “where there is no vision, the people perish.” 

Where do you see yourself, your children 
and your family in 5, 10 or 30 years?
What do you need to do to get there? 
What do you feel is important for your children to learn and become? 

Involve your children, regardless of how old they are
When your children are involved in the family vision, 
they feel a sense of ownership and they have 
an increased desire to support the success of this vision. 
Having a family vision helps us to set priorities in our 
family’s resource management. 
It helps us determine where to spend our time, money and efforts.

Good questions to ask yourself when trying to decide 
how to make a family vision and where to focus your efforts are:
1) does it keep us on track to return as a family back to Heaven Father’s presence and 
2) does this bring our family closer to reaching our divine potential? 

Having a solid family and personal vision will help the family
and/or the individual know how to prioritize their time,
choose wisely the activities they engage in and 
make wise social decisions BEFORE the decision actually 
becomes an issue. 

We have seen the value of this Vision Statement in a few 
different types of situations that seem to recur on a fairly
frequent pattern in our home:

1. The first place our Vision Statement comes in handy is
when we are trying to decide if we can successfully add 
another regularly scheduled lesson or activity to the calendar. 
One of the VISIONS for our family is having a strong sense of 
unity and family bonds.
To ensure the best environment for this cohesiveness to be nourished,
we strive for five nights per week that we can ALL be home
for scripture study and family prayer (with teens, I KNOW this
is hard! It's what we strive for and by the way,
nobody ever said parenting was EASY).

If a new activity looks like it will compromise that VISION,
we don't add it the calendar-
it doesn't even get PENCILED in!! 
If the activity is very important to someone,
we look for ways to add the activity that WON'T have negative 
impact on our family, or we look at what we can CUT from
our lives to make room in our schedule.

2. The second way that having a VISION STATEMENT has proven
valuable is in the blessings that come from seeing ALL that has
already been accomplished from previous VISION STATEMENTS!
It is nice to see how far you've already come on a goal or a vision.
This is ESPECIALLY helpful at times when life gets a little discouraging-
when the bumps and bruises of life deflect from the good and beautiful.

Having a Vision Statement will help keep us focused when life gets a 
little out of balance.
And it helps us see the bigger picture when we feel we've 
gotten off track of the important stuff of life!

Life can get really busy. Life can get really hard!
It is important that whatever we add to our lives
adds JOY, allows us to find and share HAPPINESS
and brings us to a state of peaceful accomplishment-

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